The Beginning


Kiva Properties is a real estate entity offering local urban business and community development opportunities. This company is managed and owned by Sandra Wells, Manager Broker. Sandra and her husband Jerold W. Wells, Jr. relocated to Ardmore in 2006 after selling their farm. They arrived in downtown Ardmore with one simple goal in mind; working space below, live up! Jerold, a talented artist and visionary wanted a working studio and gallery space. Sandra, a broker for the past 20 plus years wanted to take it easy. They had a budget and a couple of things on their wish list regarding their live/work space: proximity to a passenger train depot and enough room to have a great indoor parking area. They quickly located a spot to purchase. This place had plenty of room to implement their idealistic urban lifestyle. There was only one real draw back to their plan; very few found value in their new neighborhood. Vacancy rates in this area soared and property values were low. This downtown was like many others across America...a victim of urban sprawl. 


The Past 8 Years...


Before the ink was dry on the Warranty Deed, the couple took immediate action. Combining her real estate know how, his artistic vision, and a financial investor they formulated what is currently known as DowntownArdmore360. After all, what is a good an urban life without a community neighborhood of like minded people to share it with? The plan she had of taking it easy ended that day and Kiva Properties opened for business, additional property purchased and the work began. To date the collaborated effort of an artist, broker, and financial investor has launched several urban projects, and helped numerous small business dreamer achieve their goals. Kiva is the licensed entity which manages and maintains the projects.   


And Now!


Kiva is expanding the neighborhood with a team of real estate professionals.  For some Kiva might mean small underground house, but to the team of Kiva it means much more.  Kiva is now offering a full service residential and land division.  The mission is to unite people with place and spaces.  Regardless of one's needs; building, buying existing or looking for a resource to accomplish your urban dream give the Kiva Team a call. Services range from leasing, project management, ownership (commercial, residential & land), and business transfers. Put a vested community leader group to work for you today! 405-990-7634