Jerold W. Wells, Jr.

also known as JJ aka Patsu, Artist/Owner of BeyondART  who can literally turn thin air into a masterpiece!

Here at BaseCamp he is the creator & curator; handling all things art including the outdoor sculpture displays.  He takes turning one mans trash into treasures to a whole new level!


Sandra Scott-Wells

also known as Sandy aka Billy Faith,

Adventurer/Coach/Real Estate Broker who loves Mother Earth & thrives on being authentic to a fault!

Here at BaseCamp she helps campers find their happy & provides comfy accommodations.




also known as Mollis aka White Chick,

Schnauzer who loves to eat & hangout in her dog lounge!

She creates good vibes for the campers & provides plenty of security.  Molly lives by the motto:  "Yes an ole dog can learn new tricks!".

Airedale Evans

also known as Evans aka Evarue,

Billy Faiths BFF who is named after Dale Evans, the wife of Roy Rogers & came to live at BaseCamp 2 years ago!

Here at BaseCamp she helps campers find their happy out on the trails.  Her mantra:

Happy Trails to You until we meet again!



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