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artist & creator of beyondART

Jerold W. Wells, Jr. is a self-taught Oklahoman who has mastered the art of turning trash to treasure.


His personal body of art varies from bronze sculpting, up-cycled, functional, architectural and community arts.  He has created everything from fire pits out of propane tanks to sculptures out of Styrofoam as well as fine art for his many collectors.


His art can be found all around the US and his local markets of Northern New Mexico and Southern Oklahoma in the form of art signs, real estate designs and sculptures!


His giving, passionate and secure nature is clearly seen as one looks at his work.  Often, he takes the consumer beyond his own body of work and collaborates with his fellow artists on numerous projects.

He currently resides and creates at his studio at the Santa Fe Trail Ranch located between the Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness which he owns with his wife and pups.  


To reach Jerold to discuss  your project give him a call on his personal cell at 580-222-5061

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