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  • Billy Faith

Letting GO ... Purge the digital, Purge your SOUL!

If it does not serve a purpose, it has to go bye, bye! This seems to have been a re-occurring theme since we moved from the urban jungle out here to BaseCamp! I really thought...and might have even said it once or twice, "I am great at letting go!" I have sorted, gave away and donated truck loads of stuff since the move. Heck, I even had a huge bonfire and up in smoke went a decade of successful past design project files. However, my digital world has been a much tougher purge! It is a work in process, but today I actually hit the delete button! It feels great that my digital world is starting to match up with my physical world! It is in no way complete but here is a peek of the changes! I am setting a goal to work on it weekly! So if you want check back and follow along! It is all things BaseCamp!

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