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Join US this week...

WHERE: The Vault located @ 111 E. Paul Ave., Pauls Valley, OK 73075

WHAT: Opening Reception of 2022 Gallery Artist with Special Musical Guests Casey & Mina

WHEN: Friday, August 19th, 2022, from 7 - 9 PM

It has been such a dry hot summer. The kind that makes you want to just stay inside and soak up the air. Personally, I have not been the same since COVID nearly killed us both late last year. To be totally transparent, I have not been doing the same things I did in the past. It is still not real clear to me if I have different interest, or it is just the aftermath of being so sick combined with this horrible heatwave.


the one thing we both have been doing is continuing to support each other and other creatives leaving us here creating our art forms and attending art receptions.

JJ he has really started to form his art business into a full-time gig. He gave up helping others create lovely real estate spaces at the end of 2021 to focus on creating lovely real estate spaces for us as well as art for private collectors.

We started our year despite not feeling well trying to carry on as usual, because we are much on pulling back (the show must go on). In January we opened the +SHOWROOM with our realty office. It has become a private space for others to view art, share space and collaborate on real spaces. This year that platform has launched many opportunities for both of us.

For JJ he is really thriving in his newfound full-time creative state. One thing just builds on the next and he has gained new art customers and opportunities to showcase his vision and the ability to bring that vision to a physical reality. He has been working in between creating more lovely space here & moving the sprinklers around to keep the property looking alive. The result has been a nice portfolio of work that seriously tells a story of finding good in all things left to decay. This "leave no treasure behind" philosophy is the imprint he showcases with his hands.

So, this Friday he will be showcasing along with several established artists at the opening reception of the Vault. We would love to see his friends come and celebrate with us. Art really is a great thing. It is meant to be enjoyed and let us just admit in a world like today, we sure could use a little spark of enjoyment. There will also be live music. This is a no obligation event other than coming to enjoy yourself while taking in the sounds and sights of creativity! We so hope you can make it to the Valley for a different kind of Friday Night Lights in my hometown!

JJ & Sandra

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