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No time to FREAK OUT!!!

Hanging out here in the Land of Enchantment soaking up some awesome art, experiencing the most amazing nature and living like a local! How and why did we get here? Well, Santa Fe being in the top 3 Art Communities in the USA coupled with New Mexico being known as the Nirvana of Hiking, then it makes total sense!

JJ & I have continued to pack up and travel out West to the City Different year after year. At the end of the Old Santa Fe Trail stands the Loretto Chapel. We were married here on March 31, 1995! Usually my first stop in town is ... yep you guessed it! This time around was no different. Previous brides enter free of charge and can stay as long as they want! I always still pay the fee direct to the donation box!

This chapel has served me in so many ways; a church wedding without the crowd, a life changing event shared with a historical miracle, the uniting of two souls within a mutual location of art & architecture as well as a place I always return to sit in silence to be in the moment and feel the presence of something special! I always leave here feeling calm, happy and fulfilled. This time was certainly no different!

Closed the year I was born in 1968 then sold in 1971, you can read more about this private museum here ,,,

After the Loretto, we settled into our local living community to spend some time being locals. So far we have hosted friends from South Texas, walked the community trails, met up with some art friends, went grocery shopping, ate at local hangouts, enjoyed our private courtyard, played with the dogs, admired the skies and hit up some mountain trails. Heck, I have even being going to the Weight Watchers meetings and really enjoy being a member!

In 10 days I shall toe the line at the "Mountain Blaster" 50K starting at the Santa Fe Ski Basin. This run will definitely challenge me mentally & physically! Just the ticket, I was looking for to gain personal development & embracing the uncomfortable! This Ultra is full of risk ... 8000' of vert, mountain wildlife, unpredictable weather, unfamiliar terrain, etc. It is easy to enter, then wait 8 months at sea level; however, standing alone among the aspens and pines at 9000' is a totally different story! As I arrived at the Santa Fe National Forest a wave of initial freak out set in ... "what if"...

Then I took a deep breath, got my mind right, reminded myself of my WHY then stepped on to the trail. In the end it was a glorious bath in the forest! Amazing what living in the Moment does for an Adventure!

Sending Peace, Love & Light!

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