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6 Months Later...

Donna Kay & I - Class of '86

It has been a while ... 6 months in fact ... a lot can happen to a gal in 6 months ... it started with a DNF, included several life struggles, a few general victories and wrapped up with a celebration of life for my cousin Donna Kay who in fact is 6 months older than I ...

So, tonight I decided to take a deep breath and take to the keyboard to journal a few thoughts about this segment of my life journey!

I often say to others, "Dude LIFE is so short!" This phrase rings true more and more each day for me. This year in August I will be 50 years of age; the half century mark. A week ago from this last Friday my cousin Donna Kay turned 50 as she was admitted to the hospital ... within a week she was promoted to her new home in the heavens! We just do not know or are we guaranteed tomorrow!

Upon returning from Santa Fe last September we felt rested and ready to take on the world. Then the unthinkable happened my Daddo took a fall, got airlifted to a level one trauma hospital, had his leg amputated then took flight to heaven a week later. During this time my mom had an abscessed tooth to boot. I will spare you additional details of a few other various situations weaved in during this time. Hardship after hardship resulting in suffering and pain. Lyrics to a country music song for sure. As bad as these experience were, I stopped to think about what part of this can I be grateful for...

Honestly, I had to be grateful for these opportunities . Those which allowed me to embrace and learn to suffer and endure the pain; some days physical and other days mental. I think knowing how to suffer well allows one to cope and manage and in some situations reduce or completely eliminate the pain which follows. I am also grateful that these opportunities have allowed me to give grace to those who also struggle.

After all, if we could manage to have a life of complete bliss with not a heartache one ... well I guess you could say one would be trying to have a resurrection without having a crucifixion. Folks life just simply does not work that way. So, today I am Grateful for struggles and pain! Donna Kay she had her struggles and lots of pain, but I lay my head down tonight knowing that she was given a ticket to take her flight to join her heavenly father in a land so grand that we can only imagine the beauty! While I will and do miss her, my earthly father and others who have gone before them, I know they are new again!

Until till then embrace the struggle, feel the pain!



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