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The Chronicles of BERTHA

Today was a good day for a Mini was good, it was rewarding, it was just what we needed today! The partner of choice was Big Bertha. She is kind, she is mighty, she is fun, she never ever disappoints...she is our buddy!

I thought instead of sharing the events and fun of today, I would pull from this little bitty GOLD book also know as The Chronicles of BERTHA. This little journal documents our adventures of rolling in the moment with her to forever document the love we receive from her and the love we give back to her! It is a tale of adventures, excitement, fun, challenges, comfort and most of all LOVE!

May 5th, 2018 (cinco de mayo)

Today we departed BaseCamp and headed north over the Arbuckles.

Destination...the Valley to ride the Rally...

Decided on the short go-round (28.6) miles of highways and bi-ways.

In true JJ fashion he rode (escorted) me to the downtown area, wished me luck as he (we) parted ways!

I was presently surprised how fresh I felt despite some personal struggles in the last month. April to say the least had been a real bitch!

I decided to ditch what is considered standard cycling attire. Just not feeling the jersey today. I did opt for a light weight padded cycling short.

I also ditched a very typical road rally bike and mounted up on the Salsa Vaya. I love me some Vaya!

So between JJ on Sarg and me on an adventure bike, we looked like the rough know the ones at the rodeo (last group in the Grand Entry)?!?! Any how, I am certainly OK with being a rough rider...after all my escort was wearing a cowboy, it only seemed fitting to start at the back of the pack!

I will say that I did not stay back long as my fitness level on the Vaya had gone fact as I rolled past the fancy dressed road guys my pride swelled a bit...well maybe quite a bit.

I do not think many knew what to make of me as I rode by with my "tunes to go" machine streaming Willie, Waylon and the boys!

It was by far the best weather of any Vally Rally for me with little to no wind.

As I rode my mind wondered and pondered several things. How Pa was not perken too well a year ago and we lost him to eternity a few months later. What a difference a year makes...that a year ago, I was about the same weight, but had a much lower body fat. My heart had not really been in it as of put the time in and coming off winter I was a bit fluffy. Strange enough my endurance was in fact better...but the fluffy in me needed a cookie at about mile 20. Luckily, I secured one at the first aid station which was tucked away in my feed bag. As this story goes on it sounds more like a rodeo than a bike rally. I also thought about how mom is not perken to well and what might be coming in the near future.

Suddenly, I reminded myself...that while dwelling on the past or obsessing on the future happens...

However, living in the moment is the best one can do. So, by the time I rolled back into Wacker Park I was back rolling in the moment...realizing what a blessing to be capable to tour around the Valley by bike.

We finished up the adventure with a visit to Bob's Pig Shop. It was a great day! Bertha was a great host and we are certainly blessed to have her.

XOXO - until the next Adventure!.

-Billy Faith

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